Layers of Fear: World Wide Twitch Reveal

SPACE ESPORTS and GUN Media teamed up for the launch of the highly anticipated sequel, Layers of Fear 2. Space Esports caster AdmiredPlague lead the launch stream on the official SPACE ESPORTS Twitch channel. Horror fans of the series were treated to the first few hours of gameplay while also participating in giveaways for game codes and merchandise. A record breaking 11,000 viewership watched AdmiredPlague descend into madness, adding to the successful launch of Layers of Fear 2.

About Layers of Fear 2

Layers of Fear 2 is an indirect sequel to the original Layers of Fear (2016) taking on the same themes as the original. Players play as a popular actor focused on preparing their next big role. Boarding on a luxury cruise liner the stage is set as the Director unveils the curtains to prepare his star for the role of a lifetime. Players must descend into madness to become the perfect star. Layers of Fear 2 is developed by the Blooper Team and published by Gun Media. The Blooper Team is known for working on the original Layers of Fear and the upcoming game Blair Witch (2019). Gun Media is also behind the famous Friday the 13th game both as a publisher and developer.


[Layers of Fear 2 Highlight YouTube Video]